A Day at Iguazu Falls with AT&T and TOMS Shoes

Photos from our early afternoon hike at Iguazu Falls with our TOMS Shoes group including AT&T and Gowalla contest winners. Very relaxing to play tourists after a long, enthralling two days of shoe drops. We visited the Andrecito school on Friday and 3 Guarany villages in the rolling hills of northeastern Argentina on Saturday.

More to come after lunch!

Photos taken with Andy’s Blackberry Torch 9800 provided by AT&T, published from the trail with WordPress for Blackberry app. Captions: Nicole, Adrienne, Amy, Andy at Iguazu Falls. Eva Waterfall @ Iguazu Falls

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Bienvenidos al Campo Nitti

The Nitti family hosted 35 of us to an amazing asada, complete with Malbec and dancing. The perfect welcoming to Argentina. It was on this property, with Alejo Nitti, that Blake Mycoskie launched TOMS Shoes in 2006.

posted by Andy via WordPress app for Blackberry Torch 9800

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Day 1: A (brief) snapshot

The last 24 hours have been an amazing whirlwind of activity rendering us high on adrenaline and quite slight on sleep (6 hours in the past 3 nights. no joke!)!!

We arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday morning after a 9 hour flight from Miami. It’s always interesting to land somewhere at the break of day when back home it’s still the middle of the night!

There’s a group of 35 of us, ranging from folks from the Tom’s Shoes and AT&T staff to photographers, journalists, social media entrepreneurs and contest winners. After having brekkie at the hotel, we had a chance to briefly rest then embarked on a bus tour of the amazing BA.

Today, we’re off to Igazu where we’ll be embarking on our first shoe drop about a mile out at the Andresito School. I’m excited to meet the kids, have some fun, and challenge myself! We may not have internet access, so we’ll do our best to post as we can.

Thanks again to AT&T for this amazing opportunity. The next few days are going to be fantastic!


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Photos Taken Along the Way

This gallery will grow as we take and add more photos throughout the week!

All photos and video taken with the Blackberry Torch provided by AT&T.

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